Lancia 1984 grand galá

Date of publication: November 6, 1985


Before the Lancia Grand Gala 1984 can be presented within the framework of brand promotion activity it is necessary, indeed absolutely essential, to define the background. Above all, the overall auto market is as we shall see in direct contrast to the general European trend and presents some distinctly atypical features. Then there is the position and experience of the Lancia brand, fruit of its history and its myth. The strength and weakness of a tradition that excites the fourth and fifty year olds but has very little influence on the younger generations that will lead the market of the future. Finally the strategic objectives of the brand on the European scene and more specifically the home market orients us towards the acquisition of an exclusive, highly personal position in line with the expectations and aspirations of the motorist of tomorrow. Naturally the report will conclude with the presentation of the initiative as such, explained and motivated in relation to both the relevant promotional activities and our global marketing strategy.

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