Looking for numbers

Date of publication: June 14, 2004

Author: Cynthia Evans


Studies over the years have attempted to document the relationship between consumers and ambient media. An array of research methods has been brought to the task: from focus groups to questions in syndicated studies to primary research in 'eyes-on' laboratory situations. Results generally indicate that ambient media in all the various forms deliver on the promise of audiences. However, systematic and comparable measures have been elusive. Until the research methods have been formally established, there are a number of valuable sources of information that can be taken into account to build into prototype or proxy audience estimates for various types of ambient media. This paper focuses on what is known and available now that can be used to 'estimate the size of audiences' for various types of traditional and non-traditional out of home or ambient media vehicles. The objective of this discussion is to illustrate methods of estimating audiences across ambient communication channels and sources of data, and placing value on proxy measures and integrating them into a media investment analysis.

Cynthia Evans


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