M.M.I.S- From information to action

Date of publication: January 25, 1984

Author: Werner Retzlaff


A MMIS still is a sensitive, fragile plant. There is a need to cultivate it properly, unless we do not want to take the risk, that the fascination, which came along with the idea to install a MMIS, turns into frustration. So, my critical attitude is not directed against MMIS and its value for the company. Instead, the reason and the purpose of the critical position is to focus the attention upon a couple of factors, which are parts of the organisational, psychological and economic environment, in which the decision for or against a MMIS is made and in which it is used. Hopefully this approach can help in another way and in addition to the many MMIS presentations, which have already been made, explaining, how important they are, how well they work, how nicely they have been designed, how powerful they are and last, but not least, how easily they can be handled.

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