The contribution of M.M.I.S. to effective industrial marketing management

Date of publication: June 15, 1987

Author: Milan Jurse


The paper presents some basic and practical considerations for establishing and using a as well as the contribution of the M.M.I.S. to effective industrial marketing management. In contrast to M.M.I.S. for consumer goods marketing, the idea of an adequate M.M.I.S. for industrial goods marketing is much less elaborated. The basic assumption presented this paper is that an appropriate M.M.I.S. is a prerequisite for effective industrial marketing management. Therefore, some basic considerations about industrial marketing management process are discussed first. The paper then elaborates the M.M.I.S. concept, design and application. A case study is shortly described and finally the contribution of the M.M.I.S. to effective marketing management is assessed.

Milan Jurse


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