Making molehills out of mountains: How major U.S. agencies are dealing with data overload

Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Helen Katz


A survey of media departments in major U.S. advertising agencies examined the issue of data access, a topic that is becoming increasingly important as more and more data are made available. Issues considered included what users currently know about the subject; how they now deal with the mountains of data; and what they are prepared to do in the future to alleviate problems that arise. Results indicate a high level of awareness of the problems data overload can cause, together with considerable willingness to invest in additional equipment to improve the situation. Respondents are in fact eager to obtain more data and, even more so, better access to currently existing data, preferably via microcomputer. The continuing importance of this topic is underscored by respondents' feelings that the top priorities of the 1990s, in terms of data, are passive people meters and commercial ratings.

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