Marketing at the Opera

Date of publication: June 15, 1990


In 1988 De Nederiandse Opera initiated a marketing strategy. The first action that was undertaken was a large scale marketing investigation among our audience. We had a number of reasons for this investigation. Most important was that we felt we had to know who our audience was and what their wishes were, in order to maintain their interest. The results of this investigation gave us a clear profile of the audience of De Nederiandse Opera, indicated how we could strengthen their attachment to De Nederiandse Opera and suggested ways to improve the communication with them. Consequently, De Nederiandse Opera changed the ordering procedure for season tickets, and adapted the availability of program books and season brochures accordingly. Artistic choices will always remain at the centre of what De Nederiandse Opera does. Around this basic artistic policy, however, marketing can and will be used to streamline our other commercial activities.

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