Media mix and advertising effectiveness

Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Rolf Speetzen


The survey takes the basic problem of planning mixed media campaigns as its start line. Mixed media campaigns have two main objectives: 1. To avoid saturation or erosive effects through the accumulation of exposures in single media. 2. To make use of transfer effects and interaction which occurs when target groups are exposed to a campaign through different channels and, therefore, different types of advertisements. The main problem is that a mixed campaign does not necessarily lead to mixed media exposures to the target individuals reached. Parts of the target groups, of any mixed media campaign, will only have single media contacts. This survey analyzes the long-term advertising effectiveness levels among the readers of magazines, TV viewers and users of the two media. The general findings of the survey, based on a large number of brands from different product fields, give a number of practical leads for optimum planning of mixed media campaigns. It seems to be necessary to optimize mixed media schedules to reach most of the target persons through both communication channels, print as well as TV. One medium enriches the perception of the campaign in the other medium, not only in an additive way but multiply!

Rolf Speetzen


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