Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Fabio Gobbo


MIRBIS has almost thirty people (25 from USSR and 5 from Italy) working on different business lines: 1) Training top and middle Soviet public administration and company management. 2) Economic research aimed at finding new development strategies for Soviet Industrial enterprises. 3) consultant services with the aim of promoting the exchange of economic, technical and scientific information; and encouraging cooperation between companies of the Soviet Union, Italy and other countries in order to provide western operators with an integrated approach to soviet society and its institutions. In two years of existence MIRBIS has already trained almost 120 industry top managers coming from many Soviet Republics. In particular the industries covered have been: car production; light mechanics; chemical; banking and Mining. In the short future the business development will be focused on adding new activities inside the three business lines mentioned above. As far education is concerned it is starting ad experimental course on industrial policy exclusively devoted to local administrators. Furthermore we are planning to start a master course program. In the service business MIRBIS has already set up an agreement with TASS News Service for the realization of a weekly digest of practical Business information of which. Number Zero is already available. The entire range of activities carried out by MIRBIS in the Soviet Union are the results of research which was done in order to learn the real requirements of Soviet Union in the field of management training. As in any other kind of activity, both in manufacturing and in the service industry MIRBIS activity is based on a well identified business-idea and on a resulting business definition. The ultimate goal, therefore, is to enable soviet industrial enterprises to operate on international markets, promote cooperation between Soviet companies and western enterprises and to stimulate the setting up of mixed companies.

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