Models of organizational decision making

Date of publication: October 1, 1981

Author: Uolevi Lehtinen


There is wide agreement that organisational decisions (e.g. industrial buying decisions) usually involve multiple participants. Researchers also believe that the organisational decision process is normally very complex, it is difficult to model, and it is even more difficult to validate empirically. Therefore, relatively little is known about this utmostly important phenomenon. It seems rather natural to make efforts to explain organisational decision making by using expectancy-value models as a starting point. At least these models have functioned reasonably well at the individual level and they are relatively measurable. Therefore, we have developed some organisational versions of expectancy-value models, which will be presented in this paper. Then we will shortly comment these models in conceptual and empirical respect. So we will be ready to discuss application potential of organisational decision making models later.

Uolevi Lehtinen


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