Perception and positioning of private and public financial institutions

Author: Jean Quatresooz


On the Belgian market, private and public (or para-public) financial institutions are competing with each other and proposing certainly and at least to the public at large and to the small and middle sized companies products or services of which the actual technical characteristics tend to undifferentiated themselves more and more. The financial conditions, the interests paid, the criteria used for giving loans do not differ much ... or not at all ... and the ranges of services are progressively completed as well in the public savings banks as in the private retail banks. As a consequence, the battle is more and more evidently on the ground of the CORPORATE IMAGE. And most of the financial institutions spend an increasing part of their resources in the conception and the execution of global communication policies, ensuring a global positioning which is in full agreement with the changing socio-political environment.

Jean Quatresooz


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