Possible future developments in the field of communications

Date of publication: June 15, 1972

Author: Jean Mée


It is a large order; it is also a blanket order, in that sense that an infinity of communications of widely differing content could bear that title. I have chosen to dwell on possible changes in the mass media; in examining these changes, I have always borne in mind a very important question: "How can print media adapt themselves to the impact of television, and to the changes in the communication market"; and this both from the standpoints of editorial and advertising. I hope to be able to offer, as a conclusion, some sort of answer to that question. Changes that may occur in the mass media are of two types. The first ones, easier to define and to analyze, are the technological changes: this is the realm of "communication-fiction". The other type of changes, those that stem from the way a society makes use of its media is a much harder field to investigate.

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