The glue

Date of publication: June 1, 2008


Until recently, different elements of a campaign were evaluated in completely different ways. Advertising tracking measured TV, exit interviewers were employed to accost people as they left the store to evaluate point of sale, response rates were used for direct marketing, and more recently, we've seen sophisticated programs to pick up buzz on the web. A few years ago there was no common measure we could use across every single brand touchpoint. Of course, that's changed now. TROI is just one of a number of holistic approaches. It's real-time research that captures moments of truth. It collects thousands of experiences and can pick up every way people come into contact with a brand in one approach. But that's old news! We saw early case studies at WM3 in 2007. So what's new? Once you have a common metric it opens up lots of other opportunities to focus on a particular channel but still tie that channel's performance into the total touchpoint picture for the brand. This presentation will take Sony Bravia as a case study. Sony runs award winning TV advertising and the brand has extremely high consideration levels. However, to realise their ambitious business ambitions they identified an opportunity to improve their ratio of consideration to purchase. But how could they do that? Was it something that could be improved in the in-store environment? Were assistants advocating Sony as well as they should be? Was the in-store messaging doing its job? What else could be done? By building additional modules into the classic TROI touchpoint approach, such as recruiting expert shoppers and running 'live events' in an online forum, Iris and MESH discovered a completely different picture, opening up new opportunities for Sony.

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