Potential effects of single-source research automation on future brand marketing and advertising research


This work has been undertaken to evaluate the desireability of single- source. In doing so a distinction has been made between: (a) single-source used for target marketing on the basis of data collection techniques (b) single-source used in adlab operations for the control of advertising expenditures. In this case study, AGB's Netherlands operations has vertically (within the Benelux markets) and horizontally (within AGB's worldwide panel development strategy) assessed the viability of single-source in research terms and in terms of market demand, thereby testing the feasibility whether at the practical level our operations would find it economically justifiable to respond to client needs. The answer in this particular instance is yes, but only due to the already existing situation of highly developed panels in both TV/Media and Consumer/Retail, all within a distinctively controllable geographical area, as well as the ongoing advanced developments of panel enhancements using electronics. Adlab operations as used in America, were not found to be feasable in these EC markets, but aspects of it, it was found, could be incorporated.

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