Problems of joint sponsored readership surveys: Italy

Date of publication: June 15, 1972

Author: Maria Macchi


Readership surveys in Italy refer only to the periodical press. No information is available as regards the daily press and technical publications . So far as concerns daily newspapers the reasons for this are to be found in the following causes: a) in the circulation structure of the majority of Italian dailies, which usually concentrate on regional areas of limited extent (very few Italian newspapers have a national circulation) b) the nature and content of the Italian daily newspaper, which is of a fairly high qualitative level requiring readership evaluation in terms outside the scope of existing socio-demographic statistical analysis. The second aspect, which raises serious problems for the daily press, also applies to the periodical press . The latter, as we shall see, is fully discussed below. The absence of a readership survey for technical publications is, however, to be sought in the low circulation of the journals concerned. For such an enquiry a sample based on a very large number of interviews would he required. In these factors lies the explanation why the only sponsored readership survey available in Italy is that of the periodical press.

Maria Macchi


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