Qualitative research as a supplier of relevant and applicable action models

Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Jan De Tremerie


The paper focuses on the relationship between the research agency and its client and the production of client satisfaction within the context of business-to-business research. Client satisfaction and the quality of qualitative research is to a high degree dependent on the quality of the relationship established between the research agency and the client (and the respondents). Within this relationship research objectives are step by step defined and even redefined. This relationship is essentially framed as a reciprocal learning relationship with mutual responsibilities for a positive outcome. Learning experiences and research should be planned for. The occurrence of new insights and the structuring of them in models is probably the best possible outcome of qualitative research, and at least a powerful tool to ensure satisfaction on the client side. This implies creating together with him relevant and applicable knowledge schemes, action models. By doing so, one can come close to a long term consultancy relationship with the client.

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