Qualitative research into Lucozade advertising developments

Date of publication: July 1, 1977


Leo Burnett Ltd. has developed two alternative approaches for advertising Lucozade.The first demonstrates the feelings of optimism associated with a child's recovery from illness, looking forward to the time he will be well again and showing Lucozade as a part of his recovery. Approach number two also features a child who is recovering from an illness, but it has a more emotional appeal and shows Lucozade being used by a loving, caring mother. This study was therefore designed to:

1. Determine respondents' understanding of the storyline and the situations portrayed in the commercial;

2. Evaluate the message communicated by each storyboard;

3. Establish whether or hot the concepts are consonant with heavy, recent and light buyers' beliefs about Lucozade;

4. Assess the overall appeal of the test commercials and ascertain the extent to which, respondents find the situation credible and involving;

5. Obtain some indication as to whether the concepts achieve an emotional response from target consumers;

6. Gauge reactions to the words and music accompanying each commercial.

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