Qualitative research into Lucozade advertising developments

Date of publication: December 1, 1976


As part of the exercise to revitalize Lucozade's advertising, Leo Burnett has produced two new creative concepts. One is a testimonial approach and the other is entitled Mr. Gloom. These were prepared as filmed storyboards and transferred to V.C.R. for consumer testing. The objectives of the consumer research were accordingly as follows:

1. To evaluate the concepts and determine exactly how and in what areas they are working to communicate the Lucozade message;

2. To investigate respondents' ability to follow the storyline, understand the situation, and relate to the roles portrayed by the characters and the part played by Lucozade;

3. To obtain reactions to each of the treatments in terms of general appeal, credibility, and relevance to the target market.

4. To identify any positive or negative elements which may exist in these test advertisements;

5. To determine what message is communicated by each of these advertisements and establish whether it is relevant and meaningful to consumers;

6. To compare the performance of the test films with each other and with current advertising over the above dimensions. 

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