Qualitative research into sponge flour

Date of publication: January 2, 1978


RHM has developed a new, soft flour that is specially designed for baking sponges. Sponge making is a sensitive area of baking for many housewives, therefore there is a reasonable volume market potential. The objectives of the research reported here were to examine:

1. Attitudes to sponge making;

2. The potential strength of the concept, both at the concept level and also post-trial;

3. The likely target market for the product;

4. The possible credibility gap between an apparently heavier flour and light sponges;

5. To what extent the resulting sponges are sufficiently different to justify buying an additional flour only for sponges;

6. To what extent, the results justify a premium price at purchase and what level this premium could be. Also, the likely rate of the trial once price information has been given;

7. Reactions to the name. 

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