Qualitative research on new product development into frozen cheese products by Kraft

Date of publication: November 1, 1976


Kraft is considering launching a range of cheese-based products to add to their Home Freezer Range. The new range would be expected to clearly establish a Kraft identity with both consumer and trade. Qualitative research was therefore required in order to:

1. Check that the planned extension is consonant with the image of Kraft and expectations of Kraft;

2. Examine the response to the various product and product development ideas: their relative appeal, perceived benefits, usage; market position;

3. Explore other product ideas the consumer may have;

4. Examine possibilities for product shape, packaging, naming;

5. Help select the lines with the greatest immediate potential;

6. Explore the degree to which the new ranges should be promoted jointly or separately;

7. Briefly check basic appeal/acceptability of actual product;

8. Check out the suitability and potential strengths/ limitations of the proposed 'brand' name(s).

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