Quality of exposure and advertising effectiveness

Date of publication: September 1, 1988

Author: Rolf Speetzen


In recent times we notice a worldwide trend in media research to move beyond the vehicle contacts towards exposure to the advertising message. This is an easy task in the case of electronic media, if one believes in meter data. With print media we are facing difficulties to measure the exposure to an advertising page, at least if we are looking for large scale readership surveys including many titles, in most cases more than 100. However, there are attempts such as MPX = multiple page exposure or additional qualitative criteria to qualify the exposure to the medium. In Germany this qualitative approval seems to be the most advanced, based on 35 characteristics. The follow-up survey of Yardsticks for Exposure Quality linked the Quality Index with criteria of advertising effectiveness, so that one can show the effect achieved by media planning based on quality indeces. The result is: Media schedules based on exposure with a higher quality lead to steeper and more rapid increases in the effect than with those exposures of a lower quality.

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