Quality planning

Date of publication: November 1, 1995


To what extent does present-day media research fulfil the needs of the user? From advertisers, especially, there is quite some criticism regarding the relevance of existing readership surveys. Although there is no doubt about the benefits of appropriate quantitative media data, the marketeer/product manager and the media strategist are demanding additional and more qualitative data to support their media strategies. From the point of view of the advertiser, media research has concentrated too much on the fine-tuning of reach figures in relation to selected target groups. But now that advertisers are increasingly building up their own knowledge of media and communication, it is important that the advertiser and the media adviser communicate with each other in the same language. Quality Planning, the model that will be described in this paper, is an attempt to bridge the gap between the so often separated worlds of the marketer and the media specialist. In this paper, we will first describe the background of the Quality Planning model. In the second part, we will discuss the research design. The third chapter describes some practical applications and the status of Quality Planning so far.

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