Scanning data for improved retail marketing

Date of publication: June 15, 1982

Company: Nielsen

Author: Egon Huppert


The paper examines the various possibilities of using scanning data to improve the marketing of retailers. As a start, the method, the benefits and the status of scanning are described. Retail marketing encounters a number of general and special problems. They result in a series of major weaknesses, which are characteristic for current retail marketing. With the advent of scanning, the trade has a new and powerful source of information at its disposal, informing the retailer in a fast and detailed way about the sales at the individual point of purchase. This was up to now impossible. Scanning data has the potential to help retailers in decision-making in such critical marketing areas as product assortment management, space allocation and shelf management, pricing, promotion and advertising. The tools will be information systems, special analyses, marketing experimentation and customer panels.

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