Selecting advertising routes for older target audiences (more than one way to skin a cat)

Date of publication: June 15, 1989


Our paper describes TBWA's approach to analysing advertising and how it can be used to isolate the different ways of communicating most effectively to old people as various brands' messages differ. The approach basically involves splitting the advertising message into two strands, firstly the product content and secondly the emotional relationship between the brand and user. This allows one to fully isolate a series of communication Territories (or positionings) in which various brands can operate. Looking at a range of ads from across Europe we establish four main 'territories' which vary by the 'apparent' targeting of the products for use by old people and by the way old people are portrayed within them. Our paper outlines the resulting accompanying advertising executions. Our objective is simply to get product manufacturers and advertisers alike to think clearly about their brands prospects with the new Glams and fine tune their advertising accordingly

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