The elderly segment of the Italian population

Date of publication: June 15, 1989

Company: GfK

Author: Paolo Anselmi


This paper draws an outline of that segment of the Italian population aged between 55 and 74 years. The paper sheds light on the behavioural patterns and values of the elderly group compared to those of the average, related to several areas: spare time, cultural interests and attitudes to the media, health and physical fitness, satisfaction with life, how they see themselves and what the values they hold are. This paper also points out the variations "inside" this segment according to the main differentiation parameters (sex, education, income). The reported data (based on a sample consisting of 1,248 individuals) clearly show what the distinctive features of this segment of the population are: the focusing on the home- and family values, reduced cultural- and social openness, poor mobility. However, it also becomes evident that belonging to the same age group involves neither behavioural- nor cultural consistent patterns. Education and income seem to be the two factors capable of producing the most marked variations. Those who enjoy higher income and feature broader cultural environment are closer to the younger population in regards ho nearly all the areas examined. In particular those with a higher level of education are hallmarked by definitely "younger" personality and values: eager attitude to novelties, more optimist approach and greater creativity

Paolo Anselmi


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