Selection models for publicity campaigns

Date of publication: June 15, 1965


In 1963 "Se Centre Francais de Recherche Operationnelle” whilst associated with the CEIR Inc. was examining the possibility of adopting the Mediametrics method in France. Such a tool - integrating numerous intuitive values into a linear model by segments and disregarding the non-additivity of the various publics - seemed to me too unsuited to our special advertising problem. To give an example in as easily grasped field - the same methods can’t be used to determine the objectives fo/either hundreds of H bombs or a few A bombs. Thus our work introduces a group of methods whose common characteristic is to exploit as thoroughly as possible the existing information obtained from individual enquiries into what is read carried out by the C. E. S. P. and to do this using modern information analysis methods.

Jean-François Boss


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