Shopper sentiments and the environment

Date of publication: March 4, 2009


Our research investigates and compares the environmental attitudes of shoppers across global markets. To this end, our paper ascertains the extent to which there are similarities or differences between country specific shopper perceptions toward environmentally friendly products and packaging. The paper includes results from our inquiry into the overall awareness that shoppers demonstrate when it comes to packaging and the environment on a country by country basis. Our paper also includes a country specific analysis of shoppers' attentiveness to environmental claims on packaging. We seek to shed light on what retail communication techniques are most effective in conveying environmental benefits to shoppers in a compelling way. Furthermore, the international insights we offer will guide efforts to adapt these techniques to suit specific countries and/or regions. Ultimately, our findings reveal what in-store techniques are actually working to activate shopper emotions with respect to environmental sensibilities. This information will aide marketers and designers in developing more environmentally friendly packaging that aligns with shopper sentiments and needs.

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