Solutions to management problems

Date of publication: September 1, 1994

Company: NIPO

Author: Julie Visser


This paper will show that qualitative research methods can contribute to an increased effectiveness of traditional market research and can offer a solution to a variety of management problems related to the development and implementation of a (new) strategy within the organization. The effectiveness of market research can be increasedby combining traditional research designs focussed on the external market (consumers and end-users) with research on the internal market (employees of the organization). The application of qualitative research methods and techniques to the decision making process involved in developing a new strategy, can be very helpful in providing a certain integration of internal and external markets. This aspect is very important since many marketing desicions have an impact on various elements of the company’s structure, the organization and its employees. Strategies fail due to a lack of acceptation and problems with the implementation of the strategy. This creates new challenges and opportunities for research managers: for researchers at agencies: the effectiveness of research is enhanced, new markets are opened up and longer-term consultancy can be assured, for researchers at companies; their role changes from information supplier and/or marketing consultant to internal agents of change.

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