Successful fusion?

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: Simon Ortmann


The Danish Target Group Index provides the user with information at product level, and there is a need to improve media planning with information at brand level. If the existing questionnaire were to include information on more than a 1000 brands there would be an extreme bias in the respondents that would answer. Accordingly, it was decided in October 1990 to conduct an experiment with fusion of brand information database into the Danish Media Index. The results of the experiment were so promising that it was decided to go ahead with the actual fusion. The actual fusionend database was available on May 11991, and it has been very well received. After less than one year all development costs have been paid by the use of the database. The control of the fusion shows that the fused information on market share and demographic structure within target groups defined by brand usage or brand knowledge is very similar to the information in the original database.

Simon Ortmann


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