Successful snacks and shopper insights

Date of publication: September 4, 2017


This paper describes the journey of a successful portfolio reconfiguration based entirely in the understanding of the consumer and shopper. Adding complexity to the equation, this business case is about one of the most compound segments of the snacking industry: Assorted Multipacks. The complexity of this segment stems from different causes. First, each SKU is the combination of different SKUs with different brands, segments, and benefits that are addressed to different targets of consumers. Second, in this segment the shopper buys multiple products in one transaction, in exchange for a budgetary benefit. This fact makes Assorted Multipacks a low profitability segment. Third, in a category mostly bought in traditional stores, this segment embraces a pantry stock trip mission in the organized trade making it unique and different.

Juan Pablo Garcia


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Jorge Andrés Mendez


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