Supercharging insights management at Mars

Date of publication: February 25, 2022

Catalogue: Webinars 2022


What's it about?

Mars always strives for insights management excellence, which led them to launch their ?Zero Waste Research? initiative in 2020. . But the need to supercharge insights management meant this initiative quickly became critical with business landscape changes, a global pandemic, and pressures to do more with less. In this session, Mars & Market Logic will share how a partnership co-created a smarter, more innovative insights management platform to underpin their journey to Zero Waste Research.


This session will also share details around Mars? robust testing methodologies that helped facilitate this process.  The team will then deep dive into some of the great new features, including exciting new integrations with top research partners and products, as this initiative and partnership continue to evolve in 2022 and beyond.


They?ll also look beyond the platform, considering imperatives for change management and user adoption across all functions. Finally, the team will present some best-practice ways of working that continue to aid in their long-term, successful insights management strategy.


What's in it for me?

  • A first-hand account of the Mars insights management journey and how they approach ?Zero Waste Research.?
  • Learn how to combine technology and effective partnerships to supercharge insights management
  • Walkthrough of the various methodologies and processes that made this a success
  • A deeper understanding of how to integrate to research partners, vendors and tools streamline insights and knowledge management
  • Tips and tricks for change management and integrating new ways of working for success
  • Live Q&A with industry-leading insights experts


Who is this for?

This session is a must-see for any enterprise insights professionals and management interested in taking their insights teams to the next level. 


This session also has broader takeaways for various business functions and is open to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of how proper insight management can lead to greater innovation and growth throughout your organisation.

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