The use of high quality software and inexpensive apparatus for high tech research service

Date of publication: September 1, 1987

Company: Burke, Inc.

Author: Goos Eilander


This paper describes a pragmatic approach to the adaptation of the very advanced market research systems implemented in the United States to the smaller markets which predominate in Europe. The research service we speak of is based on the use of scanning methods at the cash registers of a number of shops. Panels of households have been recruited on a large scale from the clients of these shops. This paper shows how, with the use of new technology and pragmatic ways of handling data, a high tech system like Inter/View’s Interaction Panels can be developed and maintained. The paper shows how changes to the US set ups have been made in order to adapt the system to a smaller scale, fit for most European countries. The paper goes on to demonstrate the potential a system of this nature can have in the near future in allowing more objective conclusions as to the effect of various marketing activities.

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