Take a fresh look at print

Date of publication: June 15, 1999

Author: Alan Smith


This paper outlines and discusses the research implications of a new Print ad sales effectiveness brochure published in May 1999 and sponsored by publisher associations and publishers from many different countries. It is argued that collectively the material in the brochure makes the case for print advertising in a far more powerful manner than any Previous publication. The twenty-two research projects summarised show Print the winner in every case usually in combination with television and preference to television-only advertising. a print sales tool and for advertisers and agencies seeking to determine their best broad media strategies the material will be of great value. However it is argued that it actually underestimates the strength of the case for the print medium and makes only a limited contribution to our ability to make more informed planning decisions. The research tools are now in place to make it possible to move ahead on both these fronts.

Alan Smith


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