Date of publication: June 15, 1994

Author: Eugenio Bona


In Italy Television is an extremely important medium used both for mass and non-mass products. However the socio-demographic segments most struck by TV are always the same: the elderly, low income classes, i.e. often the segments which are less attractive for advertisers. Our study presents a methodology - called Telebersaglio (literally TV bull's eye) - which allows us to "target more precisely", i.e. to strike those segments that are hard to hit (young people, high revenue classes, working people). To achieve this result the 7 cases of the Auditel sample (fundamental survey on TV audience in Italy) have been analyzed for two years, assessing their TV viewing habits in relation to the consumption quantity. Viewers were split into 5 classes of TV consumption. On the basis of a different selection of commercial breaks, these classes - applied in addition to the traditional socio-demographic and psychographic variables - enable us to improve results by up to 30% in terms of GRP'S, frequency, effective coverage and uniformity of the frequency distribution curve.

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