The effects of trade development on marketing in the Nineties

Company: GfK

Author: Gunter Redwitz


The following paper shows the prospective effects on marketing of the developments retail will experience in the nineties. It concentrates on an analysis of the situation in Europe. The starting point is the manufacturers' marketing concept in contrast to that of retail. Europe 93 will permit retail to reach the stage of internationalisation as well. This will not be without consequences for retail marketing and the issue of the distribution of power between industry and retailers. Manufacturers' and retailers' marketing may not exist in isolation anymore, but must be merged into a wholistic type of marketing. This will affect market research, the business of information management. The first part illustrates the development marketing experienced in the different sectors of industry. It will explain the marketing concept of manufacturers and the part retail is playing in this. Part two examines whether this concept is still viable to- day. Trade development in the past twenty to thirty years is discussed. Parallel to this development retail's marketing concept is explained and the objectives of manufacturers' and retailers' marketing are compared: the objectives of marketing by manufacturers and retailers' are often totally contradictory. In addition, the progressive development from local/regional to national retail is mentioned. Part three is concerned with the developments in retail with view to Europe 93:00:00 internationalisation. The existing situation in the different European countries and retail's strategies for internationalisation are described. An attempt is made to characterize internationalisation for the different types of retail.

Gunter Redwitz


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