The future of intensive animal rearing in The Netherlands

Date of publication: November 24, 1976

Author: Sybrand Iwema


Intensive animal rearing in the Netherlands till now is done with veal calves, with piglets and there is made a beginning with lambs and heifers. In general, there can be said that the scale of intensity of rearing is fixed by the economy. The more expensive labor becomes the more sophisticated rearing systems (high in investment costs) will be introduced and again more additives are needed. Also, the size of the holdings has then to increase because there is made less profit pro-animal, so the number of animals pro holding (and pro man) has to increase to get a sufficient income. So economical circumstances give the scale of intensity of rearing. Science and technology have to solve problems and have to give new possibilities, in a world where farmers and their coworkers have a difficult existence.

Sybrand Iwema


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