The motorway effect

Date of publication: June 15, 1988

Author: Pierre Hofmans


The Belgian multi-media, multi product survey called CIM (Centre d'Information sur les Medias) interviews yearly 10.000 people on their reading, listening and viewing habits.In 1986 the CIM survey has asked questions also on traffic habits in the urban areas. Inhabitants of these areas, as well as people living in non-urban areas, had to reconstitute on a map their journey of the day before. Based on this, coverage and frequency figures were published on a dozen of urban outdoor networks. The paper considers two points about the survey.First, it will criticize the fact that no question was asked on the extent to what the journeys are repeated day by day. The lack of this information makes the audience accumulation figures dubious. Secondly, it will give the results of a network which actually does not exist, i.e. the network which could be constituted with sites on the urban parts of motorways.

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