The possibilities of utilizing large samples in the financial field

Date of publication: February 1, 1975


For almost five years the Infratest financial research has been conducting continuous inquiries based on large numbers of cases. The financial market data service is based on 20.000 eases, a sample which is conducted in 10 subordinate samples, consisting of 2.000 cases each. The research was set up together with the subscribers (banks, insurance companies, building societies) and is being continuously developed. It supplies basic information on the entire financial market. The large number of cases is necessary because of the great variety of offerers, since otherwise subdivisions of data for single enterprises are no longer possible. Besides a standard section consisting of 19 questions, the subscribers have at their disposal 30 questions a year, concerning special topics. An offerer in the field of financial services requires the data in order to, among other things, be able to continuously observe his position within the market. This evaluation programme is to be followed by further evaluation steps, which, carried out individually by single enterprises, could give an answer to concrete marketing-questions.

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