The role of market research in the Esso-Cleveland integration

Date of publication: September 1, 1974

Company: ESSO


This paper describes the contribution of market research to the work of a multi-brand study group set up by Esso Petroleum in the U.K. to find an answer to the questions: How many brands does Esso need in the U.K.? At which market segments should they be directed? How should the market research policies differ? The market research work comprised chiefly two segmentation studies, one dealing with independent petrol retailers, the second with motorists. The dealer segmentation made use of an existing study. It had to be repeated after the first attempt failed. A special survey of 2,000 motorists formed the basis of the second segmentation study. The interpretation of both studies led to broadly the same conclusion, that to integrate Esso and Cleveland into one strong brand was the optimum group strategy. This recommendation was accepted and has since been implemented.

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