The role of South America in the Genius Loci Lab

Date of publication: May 1, 2001

Catalogue: Latin America 2001


This paper examines the future of South America, its relation with youth culture and the implications for marketing and strategies that can be adopted in the international market. The paper explains how and why the Genius Loci Program will evolve into new Mind styles/ways of thinking, values and behaviours, becoming a new marketing program that allows companies to understand and invest into the multi-cultural market and particularly the young. It also explores the impact that the conciliation between local and global as well as users, designers and companies will generate changes to the existing rules in marketing strategies. The paper also demonstrates the strategic role that South America can play in the future through the dynamics of pollination; and presents the ethno-group of Saucy Mujer, a phenomenon that emerged from research on the Latin American ethno-scapes in the United States.

Francesco Morace


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Research Papers

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Catalogue: Leisure 2006

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October 8, 2006

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