To have and have not

Date of publication: November 12, 2007

Catalogue: Qualitative 2007


This paper draws from a major research initiative undertaken by Nickelodeon's Brand & Consumer Insights Group in the fall of 2006. Nickelodeon, the preeminent children's media brand and central pillar within MTV Networks' Kids & Family Division, has provided entertainment for children across the globe for more than 28 years. Understanding the nature of consumers' use of different media delivery systems is an ongoing priority for Nickelodeon, as the brand seeks to maintain a presence wherever these audiences go, and in as many relevant activities as these audiences may choose to participate. The goal of this research study was to explore kids' and parents' relationship to a variety of media and technology platforms, including television, the internet, cell phones, and video game systems. Unlike typical media studies on technology, this project went beyond the measurement of access and usage; specifically, the key objective was to uncover the underlying motivations for choosing to use different devices, and the and benefits of using use them, particularly given the variety of entertainment and leisure time choices available to kids and their parents.

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