Tymcon service 1

Date of publication: June 15, 1980

Author: Werner Retzlaff


Marketing people need a flexible computerized tool to analyze, plan, model and forecast changing marketing situations. They need to constantly ask those countless, hypothetical "what-if" questions across many variables. But they also need an easy-to-use software tool which doesn't require that the marketing specialist also be a computer programming specialist. Where, among all of the available packages, is that flexible software for marketing applications which allows for growth and development in both new directions and dimensions? Where is that system which allows learning, or trial-and error process to take place, and then provides the opportunity to incorporate these building-block experiences into further development of more refined, pinpointed marketing objectives? TYMCOM SERVICE is the timesharing service of the international Tymshare Group available world wide through an international data communications network. Application and consulting services are available through offices in major cities.

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