Typology of the attitude to information and decision-making of industrial executives (German)

Date of publication: June 15, 1972

Author: J. H. Eggert


The systematic examination of industrial decision making processes has gained increasing importance the last few years. The following paper will show how the results of such analyses can best be made use of for practical marketing activities. Based on the fact that each decision must be looked at from a definite information background, a method of typological classification of industrial executives will first be introduced. This makes an aimed orientation of advertising strategic measures possible in respect of the demands on information of those taking part in the special decision-making process. Furthermore a report will be given of the results of work which ed to a typology of the decision altitude of industrial executives. That is, a description will be given of the possibilities of differentiating between the experts taking part in the decision-making process, according to their impressionability by image aspects, or only by hard facts. The results presented in this report will show that, with a normal representative inquiry, a workable analysis of decision-making processes for raw materials or capital goods can be achieved, and that this can be used for the planning and induction of marketing strategical measures.

J. H. Eggert


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