Using life style and social trends to shape the future of media

Date of publication: August 1, 1975


This paper analyses some of the main ways in which Burnett Life Style Research and Taylor Nelson Social Trends Research can be used to throw light on the nature of media audiences. This is done from a standpoint of providing insight into how media may need to change their strategy in order to maintain or gain a hold on key sub-groups, particularly the young. There is a discussion of the correlations that have been found by other investigators between psycho-graphic and related variables, and media exposure. An explanation is given of how Life Style and Social Trend analyses - both straightforward cross-tabulations, and some multivariate work (by A.I.D.) - bear on the problems of the future of media. Media exposure sub-groups are isolated, and contrasted in psychographic terms. The implications of these data for their varying needs and relationships with media are discussed.

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