VAI experience in LATAM

Date of publication: June 14, 2004

Author: Antonio Miranda


This paper describes the OutdoorScore methodology applied by Portland in Latin America, using concepts such as transport habits and VAI (visual adjustment impacts) in order to determine scores for each site audited. Obviously the application of the indicated tool and the analysis of the VAI theory leads to the professional handling of the exterior plans. The OutdoorScore is an online tool which uses PDA technology to establish a geographic reference at certain points to determine their impact, which brings us to an analysis of the respective levels of attention, impact, reach, frequency and coverage. The VAI technology is the hub of this tool because it is not the general impact of a place which is analyzed in order to answer the question of whether the consumer observes an exterior advertisement or not, but rather considers physical and discount factors which indicate if a location is better or worse than another. The paper provides the cycle of outdoor planning, the use of the tool and the application of VAI within this concept, and finally a practical case applied by Ford Mexico which will allow support of the necessity of relevant information when making marketing decisions.

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