Visual focus: Better focus groups thanks to smartphones

Date of publication: November 10, 2019

Catalogue: Fusion 2019


Why not make use of smartphones during focus groups instead of forbidding them? Within traditional focus groups, verbal communication is leading. We, as moderators, perceive smartphones as devices that distract respondents from the subject and that disturb the focus group. On the other hand we all know that the smartphone is our buddy and we understand that people don't like to switch it off or lay it apart. This made us wonder: why not use these buddies as an extra sensor during focus groups, instead of feeling annoyed about them? Could we use this focus on the smartphone-buddy to increase focus on the discussion? Motivaction and Noterik have developed a technology (VisualFocus) that visualises smartphone activities on a central screen. We use this technology to get individual reactions before discussing things in the group, and to spice up our focus groups. VisualFocus is fun for respondents, for clients and for the moderators.

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