Why B2B/Industrial is different and what to do about it

Date of publication: June 15, 2014


Your gut is wrong more often than you think. B2B/Industrial is very different than B2C, but you ignore the voice of the market at your peril. In fact, if you are separated from your end user customers by distributors and channel partners, you may be flying blind. The question is how to apply the most suitable research, analysis, and decision-making techniques to the context of the B2B environment (do social media and big data matter to B2B, for example). In this presentation, you will take away a clear blueprint on how to do it right. If you are seeking to enter new markets, introduce new products, or re-invigorate growth in existing markets, this session is a How-to Cookbook on analysing market opportunities and the competitive environment, and creating Winning Go-to-Market Strategies.

Mark Towery


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