Executive information and decision support systems- A revolution in the making

Author: David Brown


Japanese Industry as a whole can be justly proud of the extent to which senior executives use, and value information. In a recent study of major Japanese Industrial companies, the professional services firm Ernst & Young made some interesting findings. The experience of IMS in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry shows an equally impressive appetite for data and information, and over the past 5 years, there has been a marked increase in the emphasis placed by Japanese companies on data concerning World Markets. As with other industries before it, the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry is looking for global presence in the long-term. This paper is about three related phenomena, which combine to make the present time a most exciting and challenging one for all of us involved in the provision of information to the pharmaceutical industry. Pressures on Japanese Domestic Market Industry drive towards "Globalization" New technology in Information Systems Let me take those three main features in sequence.

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