Implementing a "stick-in" diary in the United Kingdom

Date of publication: June 15, 1997


A pre-printed, or closed, diary format had been used by RAJAR since 1992. However, due to the growing number of stations in the United Kingdom, new additions to the pre-printed list meant reaching the physical format limits. Following the results of pilot studies and a parallel quantitative survey, it was decided that the format would change to a stick-in diary (Personal Pre-list Diary: PPD) from October 1995. The new methodology yielded differing listening results, some of which were unexpected. This paper describes differences in weekly reach, total hours and the pattern of listening. Changes made to subsequent survey procedures are also described. RAJAR decided to revert to the pre-printed format from April 1996. However, limitations of this format still exist and the search for an alternative has continued, including the testing of further variations of a stick-in diary. Some of the further diary options are described as well as the research programme to test them.

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