Information acceleration

Date of publication: September 1, 1996


In this paper we discuss Information Acceleration, an interactive multimedia market research approach for new product development. The paper is divided into three parts. First we discuss how the features of Information Acceleration (LA) 1 * methodology address the particular needs of the development process for innovative products. Then we present a case study of the use of IA through several stages of such a development process at General Motors (GM). Since 1990 GM has incorporated the IA simulated test market technique to support the development of its electric vehicle, now planned for a 1997 test market introduction. We conclude with a discussion of the next steps in the evolution of the methodology. In particular we describe new research designed to address the issue of accelerating the learning, or habitual use pattern., of a service, this research is currently in progress to support the development of a new electric utility service in France.

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