Psychological analysis of ordinary people and the structure of interviews

Author: Jun Aburatani


"Life-Psycho-Analysis" is psychological analysis of ordinary people in their daily behavior. This is a method which requires to comprehensively understanding from the perspective of why do they act in their shopping behavior as consumers or their voting behavior. By comprehensively understanding (namely, to follow up and recognize what they have experienced) the psychology of respondents, we would easily succeed in developing a new concept. Therefore, Life-Psycho-Analysis also becomes a method to make a strategical proposal or to plan project through research. For this we do not necessarily need the theory of Freudian phychoanalysis nor systematical theory of phenomenology. An interviewer is required to be superb in his ability as a marketer and researcher at the same time. He has to execute six different roles (ego-functions) in his interview which promise to maintain the high quality of research and to develop new concepts. Interviews are necessary to analyze the psychology of ordinary people; there are two kinds of interviews. One kind is one-on-one and the other is a group interview. When one is just looking at the outer form of the interviews, this seems simple because the form is just that an interviewer sees respondents and talks with them. However, the TRUE nature and essence of an interview is in the structure of recognition and not in its form.

Jun Aburatani


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